Bragg away Billy.

Okay so i got ahold of my friends ENTiRE library of music! Excellent, except the overwhelming feeling of all this music at my disposal. Oh the pressure! Anyway i know its way late to be posting a something about an 13 year old album but… Whatever this shit is the, yeah a dated saying for the same album, how ya like me now? Well this whole thing was commissioned by Woodie Guthrie’s daughter, handed down to Billy Bragg, who chose Wilco as his backing band and this shit is pure beauty in musical form.  i dont know enough about Woodie yet but i will be making my way through internet texts to find out what i can. Onto the album Mermaid Avenue, pure awesome. its just this revamped version of an amazing American lyricist who i’ve got to say is soon to be one of my favorite writers ever.  Everything has a sense, some song’s have an awesome entendre going for them, and what the band Wilco does with them, genius.  i love this band rock and roll at its finest i feel, so raw sometimes, to truthful others which brings rock and roll back to roots that i think were lost in the debate of where rock came from. Black people.  Thats all you need to know about rock, is African Americans, i dont know what the proper nomenclature is but whatevs’. So if you have yet to scope Woodie, Wilco, or Mermaid Avenue do your ears justice people!!!


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